Shipping Made Easy

We've selected VeriTread, the only online shipping marketplace designed for the heavy construction industry, to be our preferred shipping partner.

VeriTread provides shipping estimates before you bid, and on completion of a purchase you can quickly and easily have their network provide you with multiple competitive shipping quotes, complete with all the required information needed for picking up and delivering your item(s).

Have a Question?

For more information or if you are interested in joining their career network, visit VeriTread or call toll free at
(800) 880 0468 OR +1 (863) 226 0903 (Outside U.S.).

Save time and money

Receive competitive bids from their expansive network of pre-qualified shipping providers. VeriTread's unique bidding model and specialized carrier network ensure that you will never overpay for shipping.

Easy and convenient

Get instant shipping estimates before you bid by using the VeriTread tool found on the shipping tab of our item pages. During the checkout process, you can easily select VeriTread to provide you with multiple quotes, with no obligation. You'll get notified as the quotes come in, and you can simply select your carrier and VeriTread will handle the details.

Select a carrier with confidence

In addition to providing you with competitive prices, VeriTread monitors service providers' insurance levels and provides a user-based feedback and rating system empowering you to select the carrier that fits your needs.

Eliminate uncertainty

VeriTread's patented load advisor technology provides you and your selected carrier with detailed information on permitting, trailer types, port protocols, routing and loading/unloading restrictions to eliminate unexpected surprises and avoid delays.

Fair and transparent

After you select your shipping provider, VeriTread charges you a small fee and puts you in direct communication with your carrier. VeriTread's fees are fair, upfront and are a fraction of what traditional freight brokers charge. Requesting quotes is free with no obligation. If you choose not to select one of the quotes, you can cancel the transaction and you will not be charged any fees.