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We Have Five Ways to Buy Big on TruckPlanet

TruckPlanet is the only online marketplace dedicated to selling used commercial trucks.

Online Auctions

Our Showcase Events usually take place on Thursdays (Wednesdays for GovPlanet items). Thursdays act like a traditional live unreserved auction where the auction opens for a period of time according to a preset schedule. If you can’t make it on a Thursday, all the auctions are live for a two-week period leading up to the event - the Preview Period. During the Preview Period you can set your PriorityBid. A PriorityBid acts like the max bid above and allows you to set your bid ahead of time. Try it yourself in our Practice Auction.

On-Site Auctions

Throughout the year, our team of auctioneers run live on-site auctions where you can physically show up, look at the truck and bid. If the auction is not in your area, you can still participate online using our IronPlanet LiveStream bidding platform. With IronPlanet LiveStream, you can listen or watch the auction via video live and submit your bid to the on-site auctioneer. If you still can’t do that, the PriorityBid feature is available to you so that you will never miss out on the action. See how LiveStream works.

Buy Now

Need trucks now? With a wide selection of trucks, buyers can buy what they need immediately at competitive fixed prices.

Make an Offer

Submit your best offer for an item and the seller can accept it, reject it, or make a counter offer.


Looking for multiple trucks? We work with the best Fleets in the industry, including Schneider. Let us know what you're looking for and we will work with our partners to find the perfect trucks for you!

Register to Start Buying

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Request buying privileges and sign-up at the same time. You'll need these so you are ready to buy or bid at any moment.

After signing-up, set up your My Account page. If you are a reseller or have a sales tax exemption, file your certificate now and get through checkout faster!

Insider tips from the pros

  • Place PriorityBids. Can't be online when an auction is closing? Place a PriorityBid! Submit your maximum bid and our system will bid the lowest amount required for you to win up to your max. Another reason to place a PriorityBid? In the case of a tie, the first PriorityBid placed wins!
  • Add items to your Watch List & get alerts. Add a specific item to your Watch List and you'll get alerts when the item is accepting bids and before it closes so you won't miss it!
  • Create Saved Searches. Want to be the first to know when we get new inventory? Save your searches and get alerts when matching items are added to our inventory.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Sign up and request buying privileges here. Once you are approved to buy, you will be able to bid on all IronPlanet marketplaces. If you are a reseller or have a sales tax exemption, file your certificate now on My Account Page and get through checkout faster.

No. All bids placed in any IronPlanet marketplace auction are final and binding. You can always increase, but can never reduce or rescind your maximum bid amount.

Once your payment for an item has successfully been processed, just follow these steps:



  • 1. Review your Item Release Form* (available on your IronPlanet account) for scheduling contact. If your item notes IronPlanet Pickup Support for the seller:
    • a. Call our customer support team at 1-888-433-5426
    • b. IronPlanet will verify whether the seller has requested pickup support, where we provide you or your transporter with the site name and address after scheduling a pickup time window. In the interest of protecting our sellers’ privacy, we provide their address only and all email and phone communication is through IronPlanet Customer Care.
    • c. IronPlanet will send you a confirmation of the scheduled pickup appointment along with your Item Release Form with an Item Release Code. These are also available for download from your IronPlanet account after purchase and must be presented when picking up your item.
  • 2. If a seller has agreed to release their contact and location information to buyers, you will find it on your item release form available for download from your IronPlanet account. In this case you can contact the seller directly to arrange pickup.

You may be exempt from sales tax if you meet one of the following criteria:

  • 1. You are a reseller of the same type of equipment that you have purchased; and
  • You have uploaded your valid Resale Certificate and the applicable non-resident form for the state your purchase is located in to MyAccount (click here to learn how to upload your sales tax exemption documents)
  • OR
  • 2. You have uploaded another valid sales tax exemption permit (e.g. Agriculture, Manufacturing) and a Preliminary Bill of Lading from a Third Party Common Carrier to My Account

Unless otherwise noted, IronPlanet will send the title to you within 15 business days after the close of the auction. Your title/titling document will be forwarded via a delivery source that will allow you to track your package (Federal Express or some other service). Title inquiries should be sent to

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