Seller fees

No transportation costs. No refurbishment fees. No kidding.
Unlike traditional auctions where you have to move your equipment, with TruckPlanet the equipment stays on your lot until the auction is complete and the equipment is paid for, saving expensive and unnecessary transportation costs. And you decide what, if any, make-ready work to complete.

Sell it fast and easy.
We’ll inspect it, list it, and sell it for a fair price in 30 days. With thousands of global buyers at each weekly online auction, you will get a quick sale and a good price at TruckPlanet.

Contact your local representative.
TruckPlanet offers flexible contract options tailored to the unique needs of each seller, including straight commission, guarantee of minimum proceeds, and outright purchase of equipment. Your TruckPlanet local representative works with you to address your situation and comfort level, and develop a proposal that meets your needs.