Sale, transfer & payment

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Sale, Transfer & Payment

IronPlanet® walks you through every step of the selling cycle, including post-auction transfer of title and payment.


We collect payment

After the auction, the buyer places funds into a custodial bank account managed by us specifically for the Beneficiary of Sellers.

You release the equipment

Once the funds are deposited from the buyer, you will receive a notification to release the equipment for shipment. The buyer will also receive an authorization to arrange equipment transport.

We make payment

The Final Sales Price less our commission and fees are remitted to the seller within fifteen business days after the date of sale.

How We Handle Titles

Who do I send the title to?

Once you've signed the equipment consignment agreement, you will need to send us the title for the equipment if it has one. If your original vehicle title is not at IronPlanet prior to auction, your equipment cannot be sold. As the seller, you should sign off the seller portion of the vehicle title. After auction, IronPlanet will complete the buyer information. (Don't complete the new buyer section of the title as IronPlanet.)

I don't have a title for my vehicle. Can I still sell it through IronPlanet's auction?

No. Title eligible equipment must have either a transferable title or Manufacturers Statement of Origin (MSO) to be sold through IronPlanet.

I don't want to sign my title prior to forwarding it to IronPlanet, do I have another alternative?

Yes, you can provide us with an unsigned title and a notarized Power of Attorney form. This notarized form authorizes IronPlanet to sign the title for the seller after the equipment is auctioned. Click here.

I'm selling multiple pieces of equipment, can I send you one notarized Power of Attorney form the covers all my equipment?

No, the Power of Attorney form must be equipment specific one form for each piece of equipment you are selling.