Exporting from Canada

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Exporting From Canada

When exporting items from Canada, make sure you have the following ready. If your transportation provider does not handle the customs documentation, you should enlist the services of a customs broker for assistance.

Obtain a Business Number (BN) for an import/export account from the Canada Revenue Agency.

Verify with Canada’s Export Control List and Area Control List that your item is eligible for export, to its intended destination.

For the item to be exported, determine:

  • The Country of Origin/Manufacture - This can often be found on the item's data plate
  • The export tariff classification - You will need to determine the Canadian Tariff Classification number for your item
  • Current Value
  • Import procedures with receiving country

Such information will help determine if the unit qualifies under a trade agreement and the applicable tariffs and duties.
If your item qualifies for NAFTA, TruckPlanet can supply the NAFTA documentation at a minimal charge.

This information will be required to complete CBSA Form B13A (Canadian Export Declaration). This form is required for most goods valued at $2,000 CAD or greater (and many valued below) and can be submitted electronically through the CBSA’s CAED system.

At the border crossing, you/your transportation provider will be required to present:

  • Your TruckPlanet Commercial Invoice
  • Special Packing/Marking List - To be provided by your transportation provider
  • Bill of Lading - To be provided by your transportation provider
  • Completed B13A, if completing manually


It is important to keep all records pertaining to each Canadian export for six years.