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Look for our IronClad Assurance Equipment Condition Certification on the Item you Want to Buy

IronClad AssuranceOur IronClad Assurance equipment condition certification lets you know that one of our inspectors has personally visited the item, taken pictures and conducted a comprehensive inspection of everything from body damage to tire wear. What you see in the inspection report is what you get when you receive the equipment.
If the item you received is not in the condition described in our inspection report, please contact us within one business day of receiving the item. Valid dispute claims will be handled in a mutually beneficial manner. For details, please see our IronClad Assurance Policy.
For questions about our IronClad Assurance or to file a claim, please contact our Customer Care department Monday to Friday, 6 a.m. to 5p.m. (Pacific Time) at 1-888-476-3344.
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We've partnered with Asset Appraisal Services, the industry's recognized standard for third party truck inspections. Each of their inspectors undergoes extensive training ensuring the same high level of quality and consistency in every report. With over 175,000 inspections completed since 1999, we make sure you that their inspection reports are a fair representation of the items in their true condition.



Inspection reports

Buy with confidence knowing that our items have been given a full and detailed inspection by an industry expert.



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