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  • Place PriorityBids. Can't be online when an auction is closing? Place a PriorityBid! Submit your maximum bid and our system will bid the lowest amount required for you to win up to your max. Another reason to place a PriorityBid? In the case of a tie, the first PriorityBid placed wins!
  • Add items to your Watch List & get alerts. Add a specific item to your Watch List and you'll get alerts when the item is accepting bids and before it closes so you won't miss it!
  • Create Saved Searches. Want to be the first to know when we get new inventory? Save your searches and get alerts when matching items are added to our inventory.

We Have Four Ways to Buy Big

TruckPlanet Online Auctions

Online Auctions

We have two types of online auctions.

Our Showcase Events usually take place on Thursdays (Wednesdays for GovPlanet items). Thursdays act like a traditional live unreserved auction where the auction opens for a period of time according to a preset schedule. Many people find it exciting to come and bid in real-time while the item is on the block.

Sometimes you can’t make it on a Thursday. The good news is that all the auctions are live for a two-week period leading up to the event - the Preview Period. During the Preview period you can set your PriorityBid. A PriorityBid acts like the max bid above and allows you to set your bid ahead of time so you can be out working (or fishing) on Thursdays.

Daily MarketPlace - Traditional online auctions that open and close on various days. If you find an item that you want, you can place a bid and compete for the win. Every time you place bid, you have the opportunity to enter your maximum bid and let our system do the bidding for you. The system will only bid the minimum amount required to win up until your max bid.

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TruckPlanet On-Site Auctions

On-Site Auctions

Still like to kick the tires - literally? Yup, we do these too. Throughout the year, our team of auctioneers run live on-site auctions where you can physically show up, look at the truck and bid. If the auctions is not in your area, you can still participate online using our IronPlanet LiveStream bidding platform. With IronPlanet LiveStream, you can listen or watch the auction via video live and submit your bid to the on-site auctioneer. If you still can’t do that, the PriorityBid feature is available to you so that you will never miss out on the action.

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TruckPlanet Buy Now

Buy Now

Many of our sellers put items up for sale using a fixed price format called Buy Now. This works just like any online e-commerce site. Click on the "Buy Now" button, confirm you are willing to pay the price, and you are on your way! No bidding. No waiting around for the auction to end. Like with any auction, you must be a registered user to buy.

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TruckPlanet Make Offer

Make Offer

If you see an item with a "Make Offer" button that means the seller accepts offers from buyers. With Make Offer, you can offer to buy an item at a price of your choosing. The seller will review your offer and accept it, reject it or counter your offer. Make sure you put your highest offer out there! An item with multiple offers will most likely go to the highest offer.

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You can also bid through the IronPlanet mobile app.




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