Form SF97 for Government Surplus

Form SF97 for Government Surplus


IronPlanet is now able to provide Form SF97s for off-road use of Humvees as well as select government surplus vehicles and trailers. When you buy a Humvee at auction, you’ll now be able to choose to receive a Bill of Sale, a Florida State title, or a Form SF97 during Checkout.


Already purchased a Humvee with us?
Please fill out an SF97 request form here. Additional fees apply.


What is Form SF97?

Form SF97 is a U.S. government-issued certificate that can be used to obtain a title for a vehicle. This form can be taken to your local titling agency.


Here’s How it Works

  1. Bid for and buy a Humvee or other qualifying item
  2. During Checkout, select from the following titling options:
    1. Bill of Sale: $25, formal receipt of purchase
    2. SF97: $50, U.S. government Certificate to Obtain Title for a Vehicle
    3. Florida State title: $100 processing fee + $50 state title fee
  3. Complete Checkout and make payment in full, then if applicable, apply for an End-User Certificate (EUC) within seven business days of the date of sale.
  4. If your purchase requires an EUC, your request will be processed once your EUC has been approved. Please read important timing information below.



  • EUC: The EUC process required for class-restricted government surplus equipment is handled by the U.S. Government’s Trade Security Control (TSC) Office. We will provide you with the application, but once the form is submitted, processing time can vary and is not under our control. See Terms & Conditions. In our experience, the approval process can take anywhere from eight to twelve weeks.
  • Bill of Sale: Available within five business days.
  • SF97: Timing on issuance of SF97s will vary, depending on EUC processing time (if applicable) and volume of SF97 requests submitted to the DLA. Typically, buyers will receive their SF97 within 30 business days of request or EUC approval, though it can take up to 60 business days.
  • Florida state certificate of title: Typically, buyers will receive their Florida title within 30 business days of request or EUC approval (if applicable), though it can take up to 60 business days.


Help me choose!

Some U.S. states don’t accept SF97s. If you’re not sure if your state accepts them, please call your local titling agency. If your state does not accept SF97s to obtain a title, select the Florida state certificate of title option. If you need assistance selecting a title document option during Checkout, please contact Customer Care.